A New Season for Soul River Inc.

Engagement day is a very special time for Soul River Inc before the season kicks off. It is an opportunity for youth, veterans, volunteers and parents to welcome everyone into Soul River Inc. community and assist participants into making the smoothest connection with veterans and volunteers. Through an exciting and informative light program of activities, Engagement Day will help participants get a light sneak preview into what our deployments are, engage in dialogue centered around conservation, build relationships with fellow veterans and returning youth, volunteers, and board members.

As everyone acclimate and come together at Oxbow Park our light agenda of activities were set and deployed by key (SRI) leaders Chad Brown,Tim Norman, Jake Zachry, Faith Briggs, and Stefanie Scovill.

Icebreaker/introductions/team builder (Tent drill)IMG_2483.jpgIMG_2486.JPGIMG_2489.JPGIMG_2491.JPGSmall group breakout sessions, three groups rotating through three activities. Macroinvertebrate sampling/entomology (Tim N, and Sean)


Agenda run-through/team break up (Water drill)


IMG_2507.jpgIMG_2509.JPGThis was a great day!